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November 2013
Dear Members & Friends,
 Hello Everyone!
I just want to start off by first saying that I miss seeing everyone! You all have been a second family to me but… I’m still here in some aspect, working on special projects and of course the eClub Newsletter so I do get to see some of you on the weekends.  I’m loving this time of year in Florida! The weather is changing and there is a brisk feel in the air.  The holidays are here! To put things in perspective, Christmas is only eight weekends away! I know it’s a little too early to think about but I just wanted to give everyone a heads up that we plan on participating in the Toys-for-Tots again!  Last time we participated EVERYONE really took an interest and the toy drive was a HUGE success!  I also want to shout a loud CONGRATULATIONS to Carianne Sica, Owner of Core Concepts – TRX and Pilates Studio located inside our fitness center. Carianne, along with her team offer group and private sessions. She will be celebrating her 10th year anniversary! And to all our existing members, Jupiter Boxing Club is offering a special 3-month package deal at a very reduced rate. A special coupon can be found within this eClub Newsletter. I want to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving! 
Enjoy your workout!

In Good Health,

Girl in the Back Office, Jupiter Fitness Center

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Good things are happening with our aerobic program along with the addition of several newly purchased spin bikes! This month we gave our aerobic room a much needed face-lift and boy, it is a lift! Brand new bright and vibrant colors that compliment the energy and vibe our instructions bring to you everyday. We will also be adding new and improved lighting to the room.
As we gear up for our “Winter” schedule, the main focus this month will be bringing you a new Yoga program, so stay tuned!
As always, as your Aerobic Director I’m open for suggestions! I want to hear from you! Don’t forget to also check our Facebook page for updates and recommend your friends to “LIKE” us! 

Thanksgiving Celebration
Vegetarians & Vegans
We are finding more and more of our population making a personal decision to eliminate meat entirely from their diets. Let’s face it, there are lots of other foods that afford for a persons daily intake of protein.  With the holidays soon upon us, the celebrations of entertaining are not limited.  Here are two meatless favorites to consider adding to your Thanksgiving table.
                Vegetarian Shepherd’s Pie                   
Click Here for Receipe
Spagetti Squash with Lemons and Capers

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We are still looking for a QUALITY, HARDWORKING, KID-LOVING individual! We have a position currently available for a part-time child care employee from 8:00 am ~ 12:00 noon. If you’re interested you can come into the fitness center to fill out an application. This position comes with a FREE GYM MEMBERSHIP!

Does Boxing Teach Kids Discipline?
Boxing, Discipline…the Combination for a Better Life
As parents we probably grimace over the thought of our children “sparing” in a ring. Our fear of a bloody nose or a bad bruise, but as parents, we cannot transfer and project our fear to our children.
The mission of boxing is not about fighting.  Even now, each child who trains listens to talks about discipline, stern routine, morals and committing to NOT fighting outside the ring.  Boxing can save a child from slipping out of sight and into trouble. Boxing will enable young boys who often exhibit natural male aggression and young girls low self-esteem the ability to be apart of something which aids in building self-confidence.  The structure of boxing builds a strong foundation for the life’s hurdles our children will face, just like you did.  
Your child will have a trainer that they will have to respect and listen to. They will need to maintain a workout and routine which also trains discipline. They also must be disciplined during sparring. Learning to box teaches respect as well. Not just respect of others but to respect yourself. People who learn boxing tend to not bully others as well as engage in fighting because they understand that it is violent, dangerous and they could hurt somebody or hurt themselves.  Boxing is very beneficial and you should be excited to enroll your child.
Contact Jupiter Boxing Club today!
(561) 628-6190
(located inside Jupiter Fitness Center)
(Rebecca Berman, RD, CSG, LD/N)
It’s Turkey Time Again!
The holidays are quickly approaching, starting with one of the most delicious celebrations of all, Thanksgiving! I’m probably not the only one looking forward to this amazingly tasty meal, and wondering, can I make it through the feast without a stomachache and the feeling of guilt?
Surprisingly, traditional Thanksgiving foods are very healthy. Turkey, sweet potatoes, pumpkin, green beans and cranberries are all packed with healthful nutrients. Where we tend to go wrong, are how we prepare these foods and how much of them we eat.
Turkey is an excellent source of protein, full of essential amino acids. A four-ounce service of turkey has approximately 32 grams of protein. It is high in selenium and B vitamins. Selenium functions as an antioxidant, which fights disease and cancer producing free radicals. An adequate consumption of B vitamins has been shown to ease stress, treat anxiety and depression, improve memory and reduce the risk of heart disease.
Sweet potatoes and pumpkin are both excellent sources of antioxidants, beta-carotene and vitamin A due to their orange color.  Carotenoids help maintain eye health and boost immune function. They are also loaded with vitamin C, vitamin E and fiber.
Green beans are a very low calorie food, packed with vitamins and minerals. Despite their rich green color, green beans are loaded with carotenoids just like orange vegetables, ofering anti-agin and cancer fighting benefits. These beans are a good source of iron, calcium, magnesium and potassium, which are essential for metabolism.
Cranberries are an excellent source of vitamin C, fiber and antioxidants. Cranberries actually have more disease fighting anti-aging antioxidants than spinach, broccoli, strawberries and cherries.
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!
If you’re looking for expert nutrition advise, contact Rebecca Berman, a registered Dietitian and Licensed Nutritionist at (561) 797-2499 or visit

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