Jupiter Fitness FAQ

2. Where is the gym located?

3. Are ALL Yoga, Pilates and Group Fitness classes free?

4. Do you have Child Care?

5. How can I FREEZE my membership?

6. How can I CANCEL my membership?

7. Can I bring a guest?

8. Do you have a pool?

9. Are there any rules & regulations that I have to know before I workout at the gym?

10. Do you have Personal Trainers?

You can become a member of the gym at any age, but if under 18 years of age, a parent waiver needs to be signed. Any person that is considering joining a fitness center that is under 18 may want to consider hiring a trainer for a few sessions to learn some important training information. Young teens could injure themselves without proper instruction due to growth issues that require professional guidance.

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Question 2.

The gym is located in Jupiter, Florida USA. Click here for a detailed map and directions.

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Question 3.

Most of our classes are free to all members, however Pilates classes have additional fees.

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Question 4.

Yes. We have the largest Child Care facility of all fitness centers in the north county. Our staff takes great pride in the service they provide. We clean our facility regularly and disinfect with Husky 891, a quality product, known to kill most virus, fungi, and bacteria. The charge is $1.00 per child for up to 2 hours. Child Care is for member’s children only.

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Question 5.

Click here for more information about Customer Service and/or to view our printable FREEZE form.

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Question 6.

We are the easiest club to join and the easiest to cancel. Our monthly memberships are paid in “arrears” meaning that when you join, your first payment is 30 days later making it less expensive to get started! We require a 30 day notice to cancel on most memberships. Visit our Customer Service section here for more cancellation information and/or printable form.

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Question 7.

We encourage you to bring as many guests as possible. Your guest fee is $15.00 without a pass. If you know you have a guest that would like to visit the club, stop by the front desk and pick up a pass that will enable your guest to workout for “free” one time. Remember, no pass means the guest fee must be paid. A towel is provided to your guest, compliments of Jupiter Fitness Center.

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Question 8.

Sorry, no pool. BUT, by joining our fitness center and working out regularly, I guarantee that you will look great at your friend’s pool!

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Question 9.

Yes. A Rules and Regulations packet is available at the front desk and should be read before your first workout. Towels are required by all members to wipe away sweat on equipment after each use. Paper towels are available all around the gym with Husky 891 Arena disinfectant to wipe equipment after use.

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Question 10.

Yes. We have both male and female trainers provided by Tripp Family Fitness.  Having a trainer will get you quicker results and lessen your chance of injury. Even for a few sessions or until you feel comfortable, a trainer is recommended. Your first visit is free and will include an orientation of the equipment in our facility.  We also have Independent Personal Trainers available by request when enrolling in the club.

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